5 Symptoms That Indicate You Need Suspension Repairs

In order to make sure all your drives feel smooth and stable, you need to stay on top of your suspension system. The suspension comprises many parts, including shocks and struts,  that play a role in supporting the weight of your vehicle, absorbing the road impacts so that your car doesn’t bounce, and protecting your safety. Below are 6 warning signs that indicate your shocks or struts have gone bad:

Vehicle Drifting 

If your car sways left or right when you make turns, it is a sign that your suspension is loose or worn. To put your mind at ease, bring your vehicle to our shop for an inspection.

Bumpy Rides

With poor suspension parts, even the smoothest roads may feel rough and bumpy. If your car feels uneasy driving over smooth, paved roads, it is surely a cause for concern.

Uneven Tires

When your car bounces excessively with bad suspension, the tires on your vehicle aren’t able to grip the road properly. As a consequence, you may notice uneven patches on your tires. Soon enough, you may have to replace your tires. 

Nose Diving Feeling

With worn-out shocks, your car may feel like it lurches forward whenever you brake. Plus, your braking distance may increase. Don’t put yourself and your passengers in harm’s way by bringing your vehicle to Taylormade Automotive for repairs.


Leaking or greasy shocks or struts are a tell-tale sign of bad suspension parts. When the fluid is released from these components, they can no longer do their job effectively. 


There’s a simple test you can try at home before bringing your vehicle to our auto repair shop. All you have to do is press your body weight on the corners of your car. After release, it should not rock more than twice. If so, you should have your shocks and struts thoroughly inspected. 


For quality and affordable suspension repairs, please bring your vehicle to Taylormade Automotive.

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