Common Vehicle Power Steering Problems

The power steering system allows drivers to steer and maneuver with little-to-no effort, allowing them to focus on the road. It is a hydraulic system that uses power steering fluid to build the necessary pressure to change the direction of your wheels. When your vehicle’s power steering goes out, you may need to do more than a slight tug to turn your car. In severe cases, you might not be able to move the steering wheel at all. Today, we will discuss the most common power steering problems and how we can fix them at Taylormade Automotive.

  • Leaking Fluid - Power steering fluid is one of many liquids that power your car’s systems. Over time, this fluid becomes less effective and is susceptible to contamination. This can cause corrosion, which eventually leads to leaks.
  • Failing Steering Pump - The power steering pump is one of those components that may require replacing after some time. When the pump loses its integrity, it will lead to a loss in pressure. 
  • Old Drive Belt - The drive belt is a car component that supports the power steering system. If this belt is worn or slipping, it won’t be able to drive the pump. When the belt slips, your car may let out a loud screech or squeal when turning.
  • Cracked or Damaged Hose - Last but not least, don’t forget about your hoses. These go under a lot of pressure. It may harden and/or crack, leading to leaks. Not only will you need to service the power steering fluid in this case, but you will also need a professional technician to replace the hoses.

If your steering wheel is stiff or the power steering light is illuminated on the dash, please do not wait to bring your vehicle to Taylormade Automotive. We specialize in many things and are capable of performing the toughest steering repairs in San Francisco.

For all your power steering system needs, please call or visit our auto repair shop today.

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