How to Park Safely on San Francisco's Many Hills

San Francisco is remarkable and known for many things: the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and its curvy, steep, rolling hills. In fact, the city has the second-most hills in the world! As you can probably imagine, driving and parking in San Fran can be a challenge within itself. Today, we will refresh your knowledge on how to park on uphills and downhills properly.

How to Park Uphill

Parking on a hill may look intimidating, but it's an everyday activity for the locals of San Francisco, CA. When you need to park uphill against a curb, please remember to turn your wheels away from the curb and let your automobile roll back until it gently grazes the curb.Doing this will help prevent the vehicle from rolling forward or backward. Last but not least, you can't forget to set the parking brake. 

How to Park Downhill

If you intend to park on a downhill slope, remember to turn your wheels toward the curb or right shoulder. This will help prevent the vehicle from gliding towards the road if all else fails. Think of the curb as a support system for your tires to rest against.

How to Leave a Parking Spot on a Hill

When moving out of an uphill or downhill parking spot, the first step is to apply pressure on the brakes to release the emergency brake. At this point, you should have your seatbelt on. Then, check your mirrors and blind spots for any oncoming vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians that may be in the way. You want to lightly step on the gas and turn away from your spot.


Parking on steep hills is not all that bad as long as you remember the critical steps to turn your wheel. If you are in the area and require automotive services, please look no further than Taylormade Automotive. We have been family-owned and operated since 1996 and have been a trusted choice in the area for over 25 years. For auto repairs and services in San Francisco, CA, please call us at (650) 822-0708 or visit our shop today!

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