Mirror, Mirror on the Car? - Why Adjusting Your Mirrors Matters

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Car safety - this is good, that is bad, but one thing is ignored quite a lot - a small yet critical detail: side and rear view mirrors. These "unassuming reflective surfaces'' - or mirrors - can be the difference between a safe and confident drive and a nerve-wracking one. How? Well, continue reading and find out for yourself! 

Why Are Mirrors Important?

Car mirrors aren't just shiny ornaments; they serve a vital purpose. They provide you with a clear view of what's happening around your vehicle, helping you make safe lane changes, merge onto highways, and navigate parking lots. However, many drivers neglect to adjust their mirrors properly, which can lead to blind spots and increased risk on the road.

The Art of Mirror Adjustment

Adjusting your mirrors might sound like a mundane task, but it can significantly enhance your driving experience and safety when done correctly. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: The Rearview Mirror

Sit in your normal driving position and ensure your seat is adjusted correctly.

Hold the rear view mirror's housing with both hands and move it until you have a clear view of the road behind you. The goal is to see as much of the rear window as possible.

Avoid tilting the mirror upward, as it can create a glare from headlights at night. A slight tilt is acceptable if it helps reduce glare.

Step 2: The Side Mirrors

Adjust both side mirrors before driving. Start with the driver's side mirror while leaning your head against the window. Then, adjust the passenger side mirror while sitting in the center of the car. Test for blind spots by looking over your shoulder to the left and right. Ensure a smooth transition from the rearview mirror to the side mirrors with no gaps.

Why It Matters

Adequately adjusted mirrors significantly reduce blind spots, making lane changes and merging onto highways safer. When used in conjunction with shoulder checks, your mirrors become invaluable tools for preventing accidents.

It's also important to mention that as vital as they are, you should stare at them the whole time. Check them from time to time, especially when maneuvering, but never lock your eyes on them for more than a quick glance.

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