Prepare Your Car for College!

Congratulations, you are now a college student! For most of you, your car is the key to freedom and convenience while at college. Before you embark on this journey, you must drop by an auto repair shop and have your vehicle inspected and repaired to ensure it is safe and ready for college. Here is our essential maintenance checklist to guarantee that your car is in good shape for university.



Your engine oil should be at the top of your priority of checking, as it ensures your engine is at optimal temperatures. Besides motor oil, there are several other fluids you should be mindful of too. It would be best if you had a trusted mechanic take a look at your vehicle's power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission, coolant, windshield wiper fluids.



Are your tires properly aligned? Are they at a safe pressure? Or are they at risk of hydroplaning or a hazardous blowout? During an inspection appointment, the technician will look for any signs of irregular wear on your tires. Keep in mind that tires are considered a safety feature, so please do not ignore the necessary maintenance that comes with tires.



If you have been operating your vehicle for quite some time, you are probably aware of its usual noises, how the brake pads and pedals feel, and how long it usually takes to come to a complete stop with the vehicle. If you notice any unusual changes, such as an extra soft or spongy feeling with the pedals or the car taking too long to stop, please stop by Taylormade Automotive ASAP.



You want to have comfortable and relaxing rides as you go through the seasonal changes at school. Consequently, you may want to ensure that the air conditioning and heating systems are functional if you're going to survive those cooler mornings.


Your parents probably have mentioned it already, but it would be best to have a reliable mechanic inspect your car before you drive it off to university. We welcome you to drop by Taylormade Automotive for your auto maintenance and repair needs. Give us a call or visit our shop in South San Francisco, CA, today.

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