Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

Although the summer lets you enjoy the outdoors, the accompanying flurries of dirt and dust, high temperatures, and occasional rain may take a toll on your vehicle's systems. Luckily, preventative solutions are available to help keep your car in pristine condition and operating efficiently throughout the summer. Read on to find out more.

Change the Oil

If your vehicle still uses conventional oil, experts recommend that you change it after the 5,000-mile mark during the summer. For cars that use synthetic oil, the change should take place after around 7,500 miles. While you're at it, ensure you check the manufacturer's recommendations on oil change intervals as well as oil brand and weight.

Check the Coolant Levels

The coolant in your vehicle's radiator works overtime during the summer. Besides preventing the engine from overheating, it lubricates the water pump and safeguards components against corrosion. The coolant degrades and loses its efficiency over time. Since it'll be in higher use during the summer, you should ensure it's at the right level before hitting the road to avoid inconveniences.

Check the Air Conditioning

Due to the high summer temperatures, you'll probably rely on your vehicle's AC to keep comfortable while driving under the sweltering heat. Therefore, you should consider requesting your local auto repair expert to run diagnostic tests to determine if the air conditioner is in good working condition.

Check the Tires

Before going on the road for your summer adventures, you should ensure you check the treads of your vehicle's tires. As previously mentioned, you can expect occasional rainfall during the summer. Rain-slick roadways can impair maneuverability and shorten stopping distances, which may elevate the possibility of a crash. Poor tires will only worsen the situation.

Besides the treads, you should also rotate the wheels to check the air pressure. Temperature fluctuations can impact tire pressure, with experts claiming that approximately 1 pound per square inch of pressure is gained or lost following every 10-degrees-Fahrenheit rise or drop.

If you want to get your car ready for the summer, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Taylormade Automotive Inc today.

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