The Most Common Radiator and Cooling System Problems

The vehicle's cooling system comprises many parts that must function correctly and healthily to ensure high cooling performance. The radiator depends on the coolant or antifreeze, which is the liquid responsible for dissipating the heat produced by the engine to the atmosphere, thus preventing overheating. The cooling system is also part of the auto AC. Even so, it can develop issues that lead to engine and air conditioning issues.

We've discussed some of the common causes of radiator and cooling system problems to help you troubleshoot your car:

Radiator Leaks

A common cause of a leaky cooling system is leaky pipes. The radiator can also leak, and that poses an even bigger problem. The coolant circulating in the system creates pressure build-up, which can stress the hoses, causing them to burst. As a result, the antifreeze oozes out, and that compromises its ability to cool the engine. If you notice a green puddle under the car that smells sweet, it's an indication of a leak.

Damaged Thermostat

The thermostat regulates the engine temperatures and controls the volume of coolant flowing to the radiator at any given time. A failed thermostat spells doom to the radiator and cooling system. When engine temperature rises, the thermostat opens wide to release excess heat and closes when the engine becomes cold to allow it to heat up. If the component fails, it can no longer open and close freely, leading to engine failures.

Corroded Radiator

Rust forms when the metal comes in contact with moisture and air. The radiator is a metallic structure, and it contains all these ingredients for rust formation. Therefore, corrosion is a common issue with the radiator. A corroded radiator can quickly start to leak or malfunction.

If possible, inspect your radiator for rust when the vehicle is parked, and the engine is cool. You can visually assess the exterior, but you can also investigate the coolant. If it appears brown, it's a sign of rust.

Do you think you have a radiator or cooling system issue? Bring your vehicle to our automotive repair and maintenance center for quality and affordable services.

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