What is The Difference Between Brake Pads and Brake Shoes?

When your braking system is working correctly, you probably take it for granted. However, the braking system is one of the most vital parts of your vehicle, and it keeps you and others safe. You need to know enough about your braking system to ensure it is working properly. One fact to fathom is the difference between brake pads and brake shoes. Though they are different, they perform the same task. Read on to find out the difference between brake pads and shoes.

Brake Pads vs Brake Shoes

Most modern braking systems contain disc brakes with braking pads. Brake pads are flat pieces of steel with high-friction material like rubber on either side.
On the other hand, a brake shoe is a curved piece of metal that looks like a shoe that is used in brake drum systems. Only one side of the brake shoe is covered in friction material.

Braking Force Direction

One of the primary differences between brake pads and brake shoes is the direction of braking force. Brake shoes stop the car by pushing outwards against the brake drum. Contrarily, brake pads stop the car by pushing inwards against the disc brakes.
Brake pads are placed near a disc called a rotor, whereas brake shoes are inside the brake drum hence the difference in braking force direction.

Stopping Power

Another significant difference between brake pads and shoes is the power they need to stop the vehicle. Brake shoes have a larger surface area but have less stopping power. Brake pads on a disc brake system have a lot of stopping power and are the preferred choice for modern brakes. Therefore, brake pads will stop a car sooner and in a shorter distance than brake shoes.

Life Expectancy

Brake shoes last longer than brake pads because they are located in the back of the car and handle-less force than brake pads in the front wheels. Brake shoes also have protection from dirt, debris, and exposure. Therefore, brake shoes have a longer life expectancy than brake pads.

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