Why is Your Car AC Feeling Warm?

Is your vehicle's AC blowing some hot air? Well, that's welcome in the winter cold, but that might be uncomfortable in summer. A broken car conditioner can make summer a sweaty, hot, and wet experience! Here are six probable problem areas to check and possible problems.

Refrigerant problems

A refrigerant or coolant expands after absorbing heat from your vehicle's AC system, which later gets condensed to dissipate the heat. The coolant is housed in an air-tight and sealed system. When the refrigerant evaporates or escapes, the cooling system fails, and the AC cannot cool your vehicle. Topping up your coolant is the ultimate solution for such a problem.

A damaged electrical system

An electrical system powers your car's AC system. As such, the failure of any electrical system units can cause a malfunction of the AC system. Check your relays, fuses, and switches if a damaged electrical system is your suspected failure.

Damaged condenser

The condenser plays an important role in cooling the refrigerant that absorbs heat in your vehicle's cooling system. A condenser malfunction resulting from the accumulation of dirt and debris or any other problem can hamper cooling and make your AC blow hot air.

Broken fans

Your vehicle's AC has cooling fans that remove heat by blowing cool air against your AC system. When such fans fail, the cooling system fails, and your car's air conditioner blows some hot air.

A clogged air filter

The AC draws in air and expels it once it's gone through the cooling system. The drawn air often contains dirt and debris that clogs your AC system, and such debris reduces the system's cooling efficiency. A change of your AC filter should solve such a problem.

Is your vehicle's AC blowing hot air? If so, start your problem-shooting task by checking your AC's filter, electrical system, cooling fans, condenser, and refrigerant levels.

Do you need your vehicle's AC diagnosed? If so, give our vehicle repair shop a call today!


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